Missing Classmates

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Kathleen Anderson,
Cindy Ashe,
Nancy Averill
Ernest Ayer,
Catherine Baker,
Donald Bartlett,
Janna Benton,
Gregory Black,
Bonita Booker,
Betty Brooks,
Stephen Brooks,
Stella Brown,
David Burpee,
Gail Cameron, (Magee)
Roger Campbell,
Rosemarie Campbell,
William Crawford,
Franklin Cray,
Kerry Dalton,
John Davis,
Calvin Dill
Brian Dore
Stephen Doughty
James Early
Kenneth Eldridge
Dana Folsom
Arnold Getchell
Deborah Grant (True)
Susan Grant
Wilma Grant
Carrie Gray
Gary Gray
Willliam Gray
William Green
Donald Guerrette
Alan Herbert
Carol Hewes
Raymond Hills
Barbara Hinkle
Annamary Hobbs
Sue Hodgins (Krompegal)
Marie Hodson
Candice Huntley
Wayne Jamieson
Marie Johnson
Brad Kelley
James Kelly
Barbara Kiah
Jo-Anne Lafontaine
Barry Leland
Steven Lenory
Frank Malone
John Mannette
Sharon McLain (Gray)
Rod McLean
Ruth McTague
Gary Meyers
Anne O'Kane
Dianna Orsini (Dumont)
Richard Parks
Richard Parsons
Lucille Perkins (Kane)
Lynn Perkins
Richard Proctor
Rosemarie Reynolds
Nina Rogers (Dalton)
Kathy Ruuk
Deborah Sargent
Linda Sargent
Sandra Sloat
Gerald Small
Dennis Smith
Bob Swartwout
Deborah Tardiff
Theresa Tardiff
William Trojano
Andrea Tupper (Tilley)
Jo-Anne Vallance
Samuel Wagner
Pamela Ward
Gary Whitcomb
Belinda White
Janet Wilks (Pillsbury)
Edward Willett
Robert Wood

Guest Members

Gail Metcalfe (Hipsky)